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Rose Hill Ranch Paso Finos and (Keith Andries Horsemanship MOVED CLICK HERE)

Located in beautiful Coldspring, Texas on 95 acres of rolling hills and beautiful Mill Creek, Rose Hill Ranch Paso Finos offers the finest Paso Finos for trail, pleasure, or show horses. From weanlings, to adult Paso Finos of varying ages you can choose what age and level of training you would like, to start your relationship with your horse.

If you are looking for a safe, confident riding companion that you can rely on, you are at the right place! Our pasos are thoroughly trained with natural horsemanship methods to be respectful and obedient without fear of their owner. One thing you can be sure of is that if you buy one of our Paso Finos you will have a horse that has had many hours of training and attention given to his emotional and physical conditioning.

Browse our site, look at our horses and ownership opportunities, and let us know how we can help you find your riding companion.

Keith Andries Horsemanship Clinics are a great way to improve your and build your confidence as well as your horse’s. With safety for you and your horse as a top priority Keith Andries will help you achieve your horsemanship goals.

In addition to our quality Paso Fino Horses and offering Keith Andries Horsemanship Clinics, Rose Hill Ranch Paso Finos can offer professional horse training for your favorite trail riding horse. We can also teach your great show horse to be respectful and calm on the ground, as well as a number of other products and services to the horse owner and horse enthusiast. We are here to help you with your horse, and offer a safe comfortable place for you and your horses to stay when needed.

We offer monthly horse boarding, as well as overnight stabling and equestrian lodging for our equestrian friends on the road who are traveling with horses. Of course you can’t get the job done without the right tools, and although we are not in the tack supply business we are offering the essential you will need to participate in any of my clinics.

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